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Fewer ICE trains to stop in Siegburg: Politician calls for current timetable to remain in effect

Fewer ICE trains to stop in Siegburg : Politician calls for current timetable to remain in effect

In a letter, SPD member of parliament Sebastian Hartmann calls on Deutsche Bahn to maintain the current ICE train service at Bonn/Siegburg station. If necessary, he calls for cancelled train connections to be re-introduced.

In a letter to Deutsche Bahn (German Rail), SPD member of the Bundestag Sebastian Hartmann has called for ICE trains to maintain the current level of scheduled stops at Bonn/Siegburg station.

With the timetable change in December, four ICE stops are to be omitted because the railway is testing the slower ICE 4 on the Cologne-Rhine/Main high-speed line. "The Siegburg station is heavily used by commuters from the region, especially those traveling to Frankfurt. I can't understand why the railways are cutting out an offer that is in great demand. This completely contradicts the approach of getting more people to use trains instead of cars," says Hartmann.

In his letter, the SPD politician calls for the continuation of the existing timetables. "The local transport timetables are coordinated with the current ICE stops at Siegburg station. If these are cancelled, the overall attractiveness will be massively reduced", says Hartmann.

If it is too late to prevent the timetable change in December, then the SPD politician says it will be necessary "to find a way next year to reintroduce the cancelled connections". The topic of transportation will be the focus of the joint meeting of the planning committees of the city of Bonn and the Rhein-Sieg district this Tuesday at 6 p.m. in Bonn's Stadthaus (City Administration Building).

Orig. text: Bettina Köhl

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