Carnival season kicks off: 3000 Bonners celebrate on the market square

Carnival season kicks off : 3000 Bonners celebrate on the market square

Prince Thomas I. and Bonna Anne-Christin I. dance with the Jecken to kickstart the season themed "Mir all sin Bönnsch". Mayor Ashok Sridharen missed the carnival opening though: He was at home, being ill and in bed.

Even veteran carnivalists were astonished on Sunday. The start into the 2019 season had something extra/special: It was emotional, cheerful, without rain and finally well attended by Bonn standards. More than 3000 „Narren“ filled the market place and cheered the yet to be proclaimed „greatness“.

And that was certainly not just because the season kicked off on a Sunday. Several fan clubs, women's committees, carnival clubs as well as delegations from the Student Union and the Lepehne/Herbst Dance School appeared in colourful costumes in front of the Old Town Hall to give the regent „fools“ a thunderous reception.

Just before 11.11am, the time of waiting was over. The „fools" counted down the last eleven seconds and then the cheering broke out: Bonn has been in carnival fever ever since. The new season’s motto "Mir all sin Bönnsche" has an integrative character - the „fools" hooked into it and swayed happily with the excitement of the so-called town hall protocol. These traditionally include the Bonn princely couple, Thomas I and Anne-Christin I, the Bad Godesberg princely couple, Prince Thomas I and Godesia Dorotheé, Beuel's „Wäascherprinzessin“ Ariane I, Liküra princess Julia I, Bonn's children's prince Tobias I and Kinderbonna Johanna II.

Already at 10.45am the Jecken experienced a good-humoured festival committee president Marlies Stockhorst: "A great view of the market from the town hall stairs. The Tollitäten deserve such a reception. That cheers them up and ensures a good start to the season."

And of course there was also a premiere in Fastelovend: Thomas I, a dance teacher by profession, had rehearsed dance steps and lyrics with his Bonna Anne-Christin I - and off they went on stage. Hip circles, clapping and the radiance of her sweetness animated the jesters to join in: The market place was swinging, singing and howling with joy. Bonn now has a season song. "We couldn't have wished for a better start," beamed Anne-Christin. That's right: The first contact with the costumed crowd was a direct hit. And what can the „Boennschen“ expect now: Probably a dance marathon until Ash Wednesday. Prince Thomas I (Carpenter) and Bonna Anne-Christin I. (Mittrich) have resolved to spread Bonn's cheerfulness to every corner.

But also in Bad Godesberg, Beuel and in the „fool republic“ Liküra, carnival friends can look forward to a foolish journey through time with many highlights from now until Ash Wednesday, 6 March. Godesia Dorotheé, who celebrated her birthday on Sunday, „Wäscherprinzessin“ Ariane and Liküra Julia embody women's pure power and confidently approach their task. After the market place party, many „jecken“ visited the „eleventh of the eleventh" party of the honor guard in their armoury.

Only one had to pass on Sunday: Bonn's Lord Mayor Ashok Sridharan has been sick in bed since Friday. He was struck by a severe gastrointestinal virus.

(Original text: Holger Willcke: Translation: Mareike Graepel)