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Gastronomy news: C'est la Vie opens a branch in Bonn

Gastronomy news : C'est la Vie opens a branch in Bonn

The French Café C'est la Vie opens another branch in Bonn city center. It offers customers a large variety of tarts and muffins as well as quiche. Lunch options will be added soon.

Abdenour Sidhoum has owned and operated the patisserie and café C'est la Vie on Kölnstraße for six years now. While the original café remains in business, he has opened a second one in the city center of Bonn: the C'est la Vie in Friedrichstraße, not far from Bonngasse.

The French-style ambience includes red-brown brick walls and large white kitchen tiles, rustic ceiling beams, vintage hanging-lamps and a long counter. Seating with tables and chairs was not yet available at the time of going to press, but is to be set up as soon as possible. The café-bistro will be located in the upper rear area of the premises, which can be reached via a small staircase.

The selection includes numerous tarts and muffins such as fruit tarts (3.90 euros), lemon ones (3.50 euros), chocolate tarts (four euros), eclairs (2.50 euros), macarons (1.40 euros) as well as macadamia cheesecake, peach, pistachio, pear, orange crumble, strawberry mousse, blackberry cheesecake or raspberry pie (3.50 euros each). The gluten-free Nemesis chocolate cake and apple tart also cost 3.50 euros each. There are also quiches (3.90 euros each) in different versions such as grilled vegetables with goat cheese; mushrooms; salmon and tomato; feta and spinach. A breakfast option is three canapés (baguette slices with e.g. brie, salmon, tomatoes or apple) with a hot beverage or orange juice for 8.50 euros. Soon a lunch menu (7.90 to 8.90 euros) will be served, offering pasta with pumpkin pesto and walnuts or alternatively salmon or chicken.

A special coffee machine produces coffee specialities such as espresso (1.80 euros), café (1.90 euros), cappuccino, café au lait and latte macchiato (2.60 euros each). The range of beverages also includes four types of cold drinks from La Mortuacienne (0.33l each three euros), freshly squeezed orange or carrot juices (0.2l each 3.30 euros), the cult Orangina soda (0.25l for 2.50 euros) to French mineral water Evian and Badoit from a glass bottle (0.33l each 2.50 euros).

(Orig. text: general-anzeiger-bonn.de; Translation: ck)