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Rocking with “Queen” classics in the car: Opening of drive-in concert series at Telekom Dome

Rocking with “Queen” classics in the car : Opening of drive-in concert series at Telekom Dome

For music fans who want to party to live music, there are basically no other options to take in a live concert these days except for this: the drive-in concert. The cover band "Queen May Rock" kicked off such an event onstage outside of the Telekom Dome.

With the opening of the drive-in concert series at the Telekom Dome on Thursday, the third series of drive-in concerts has started in Bonn. For the kick-off on Thursday evening, the Queen cover band "Queen May Rock" played in front of several dozen vehicles, all parked in rows in the lot in front of the Telekom Dome. The cars were parked one and a half meters apart. A special radio frequency was set up for the drive-in concert series to transmit the live music from onstage to concert-goers in their cars.

Even though visitors were only allowed to leave the car to go to the snack bar, it was evident that they had a lot of fun in their cars when Queen classics like "Killer Queen", "I want it all" or "Somebody to love" were tuned in. After each song, the musicians received applause, marked by windshield wipers in action and flashing headlights. Concert-goers were also allowed to open car doors and windows so they could cheer on the band and clap along with the music.

Organizers of the drive-concert series at the Telekom Dome want to offer a stage especially for musicians from the region. They will host a wide variety of concerts in the next two weeks.

On this Friday (22.5.), DJ Brandon from the Cologne Boathouse will play (admission 7 pm). The BAP cover band "MAM" is on stage on Sunday evening (24.5., admission 7 p.m.) and a Rock'n'Roll Oldtimer Special is on Sunday afternoon (24.5., admission 2 p.m.). All events can be found here: on www.autoevents-bonn.de

(Orig. text: Sebastian Flick, Translation: Carol Kloeppel)