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Explosive ordnance tests in Bonn: Exit and access roads at "Endenicher Ei" closed

Explosive ordnance tests in Bonn : Exit and access roads at "Endenicher Ei" closed

Because Straßen.NRW will be carrying out an explosive ordnance probe at the "Endenicher Ei" in Bonn in the next few days, access and exit roads will be closed. The work is to continue until next week.

On Thursday and Sunday, there will be traffic restrictions on the so-called "Endenicher Ei" due to a sounding by explosive ordnance experts in Bonn. According to an afternoon announcement from Straßen.NRW, the access road to the A565 from Duisdorf to Cologne on the B56 and the exit from the A565 from Meckenheim in the direction of Duisdorf will be closed.

There will be a signposted detour during this time. In the coming week, the suspicious areas will be dug up at the same place on Monday and Tuesday. According to the announcement, however, this should only lead to minor obstructions.

The search for possible explosive ordnance from the Second World War, which has been ongoing since March, is being used to prepare for the construction of a makeshift bridge on the "Endenicher Ei". The distribution circuit must also be demolished and renewed in the course of the construction of the new „centipede“ („Tausendfüßler“) - i.e. the part of the A565 from Endenich to Bonn-North. In the course of the new construction, the A565 is also to be extended to six lanes in this area in order to be able to cope with future traffic loads.

(Original text: Christine Bähr, Translation: Mareike Graepel)