Fire in Bonn’s Nordstadt: Fire in apartment: neighbour saves woman’s life

Fire in Bonn’s Nordstadt : Fire in apartment: neighbour saves woman’s life

A worse outcome was avoided during a fire in an apartment in Bonn’s Nordstadt thanks to a smoke alarm and an alert neighbour.

The fire brigade was alerted at around 9.15am after a fire broke out in an apartment on Bornheimer Straße. When the unit from the nearby fire and rescue station 1 arrived at the scene, the fire fighters could already detect smoke coming from an apartment on the ground floor of the two storey residential complex.

Luckily, a smoke detector had already alerted a neighbour to the fire and he was able to bring a resident, who was still in the apartment when the fire started, to safety in time.

The disabled woman suffered burns, which were treated by the rescue services and the emergency doctor at the scene. She was then taken to hospital. The quick and prudent actions of the neighbour probably saved the resident’s life.

The fire was quickly brought under control by the fire brigade. The apartment was cleared of smoke using a high-pressure fan. Personnel from unit 1 of the professional fire brigade, the Bonn-Mitte unit of the voluntary fire brigade and rescue and control services were deployed.

(Original text: Michael Wrobel / Translation: kc)

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