Construction on the North Bridge: One year project on the A 565

Construction on the North Bridge : One year project on the A 565

Beginning on Monday, drivers will have to get used to lots of traffic jams on the A 565. A construction project will get underway there, and is expected to take quite some time.

NRW state roadworks will begin a big project on Monday, July 2 to create a third lane in the section of the A 565 between the North Bridge and the junction at Bonn northeast. The current shoulder of the road will be converted into a third lane and a new exit lane towards Beuel will be created.

At the same time, all lanes will gradually be redone and telematic devices installed for digitally controlled speed limit management. During the construction period, motorists will be driving on significantly narrowed lanes in this section of the A 565 autobahn so NRW road works has asked drivers to be especially cautious. The work is expected to cost about eight million euros and be completed in summer of 2019.

There will also be work this weekend at the interchange Bonn east (A59 / A562) coming from the South Bridge in the direction of Cologne. Workers will be taking measures to dismantle some of the construction site. First, a mobile protective wall will be taken apart on this coming Friday between 7am and 12pm. Then on Friday evening from 9pm until Monday morning at 5am, road works are planned there. During these times, the new ramp in the direction of Cologne will have only one lane open. (Orig. text: Holger Willcke. Translation: ck)