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Bonn City Registry: These are the most popular baby names in Bonn

Bonn City Registry : These are the most popular baby names in Bonn

The Bonn City Registry has now published its annual report for 2019. In addition to the most popular names for newborns and the numbers of births, marriages and deaths were also recorded. The report also contains some other information.

Last year, the city of Bonn welcomed over 6,406 newborns. Although the number is slightly below the average of the past years, it is still at a consistently high level. The statistic was recently reported by the city. The number of deaths, however, rose slightly last year. A total of 4,800 deaths were recorded.

For Bonn parents, Emilia (59) and Noah (45) were the most popular names last year. Charlotte (43), Emma (40), Lina (40) and Anna (37) were popular girl names. Among the baby boys, the names Felix and Jonas (43) as well as Ben and Paul (42) were chosen particularly frequently in addition to Noah. Some of the newborns received even several first names. 291 newborns received three first names, and 29 children registered more than three first names.

August is the favorite month for weddings among Bonn's residents. 188 couples chose that month to tie the knot. Like the birth rate, the number of marriages slightly decreased last year. When agreeing on a family name, Bonn residents proved themselves to be traditional. Only in ten percent of all cases was the last name of the woman retained.

(Orig. text: Jonas Dirker; Translation: ck)