25-year-old arrested: Man handles knife on Bonn tram

25-year-old arrested : Man handles knife on Bonn tram

Witnesses in Bonn saw a 25-year-old man handling a knife in a tram and talking on the phone about hurting someone. The police detained the man.

At around 4.30pm on Friday afternoon, police said passengers saw a man on a tram in Bonn handling a long knife. He was also on his mobile phone. According to witnesses, he talked about possibly hurting an unknown person.

He left the tram with other passengers at the Bonn main train station stop. Two witnesses immediately spoke to a police officer on foot patrol and described what they had seen. In the course of a search, a 25-year-old, who is known to police for breaches of drugs laws, was checked by officers. The knife was seized. The police also confiscated the man’s mobile phone for further investigations.

The suspect was provisionally arrested. He told police that he carried the knife for his own protection. He was subsequently released from the police station. Further investigations are being conducted including for breaches of weapons laws.

Original text: Joshua Bung. Translation: kc

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