78 pigs in trailer

Pig transporter overturns in Bonn-Castell

Die Feuerwehr hat die Schweine eingezäunt.

The fire department rounded up pigs and fenced them in.

Bonn. On Wednesday afternoon a truck with pigs overturned on Graurheindorfer Straße in Bonn-Castell. Some animals were lying dead on the road, while others were walking around freely. There are traffic obstructions.

On Wednesday afternoon, a trailer loaded with pigs overturned on Graurheindorfer Straße in Bonn-Castell. Some animals were lying dead on the road, while police rounded up others left roaming freely. Traffic disruptions resulted. 

A truck with pigs overturned on Wednesday afternoon on Graurheindorfer Straße in Bonn-Castell. According to initial information, the truck left the autobahn at about 12 noon and wanted to make a U-turn at the Husarenstraße traffic lights. In the process, the trailer overturned. The truck was on its way to a slaughterhouse in Bonn. Some animals were lying dead on the road, about 15 animals were running free, but could be captured. Some pigs had to be shot and killed by police because of their injuries. A total of 78 pigs were in the tractor trailer.

The 33-year-old driver of the truck was not injured. Police and firefighters and veterinary experts were on site. The fire department collected the escaped pigs using fire ladders and ropes to make a provisional fence.  

Approximately 65 animals were still in the truck, some pigs trapped inside. "Opening the trailer is difficult", says Heiko Basten of the fire department. "This in not an everyday deployment for the fire department." The truck was in a difficult position and the opening was reportedly jammed. Some animals had to be tranquilized to calm them down.

Husarenstraße, Graurheindorfer Straße and the autobahn exit towards the city center were expected to be closed until late afternoon. "The pigs are severely stressed, we have to make sure that no animal escapes", said Robert Scholten of the Bonn police. In the meantime, tram line 61 was able to pass the LVR-Klinik and Kopenhagener Straße at a very slow speed. The airport express bus SB60 was also diverted.

Police say damage is estimated at around 30,000 euros. The uninjured pigs, which were reloaded onto another transporter, will be brought to a farm in the Eifel, Scholten explained to GA on request. The farm was on the original route of the replacement transport truck.

Orig. text: Laszlo Scheuch

Translation: ck