Weather forecast

Summer’s back in Bonn

Experten empfehlen, bei hohen Außentemperaturen tagsüber Fenster und Türen im Keller geschlossen zu halten.

Experts suggest to keep windows and doors in the cellars closed when it’s hot outside.

Bonn. Since the last few days were not very summery, it will cheer everyone up to hear that the summer will be back. A fabulous forecast promises a great weekend ahead.

Jumpers, sweatshirts and long trousers can be swapped again for t-shirts and shorts. Already on Thursday the temperatures will rise, and reach up to 27 degrees. About eight-and-a-half hours of sunshine are being expected and there’s not a drop of rain in sight. And wait for it: This weekend will see the temperatures climb into the 30s again.

On Friday and Saturday, up to 13 hours of sunshine are promised, which will make us all forget the clouds and the rain of the past few days very quickly. On Sunday, the experts predict 31 degrees Celsius. During the night it might still be about 17 to 20 degrees. 

To sum up: Get your bathing suits and t-shirts ready and enjoy the sun!

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Original text: GA

Translation: Mareike Graepel