Welcome to Bonn : Shopping

On Sunday, you can bet on the shops being closed. Here are tips for shopping in Bonn and the surrounding area. Bring your bilingual shopping list...

General points

Shop opening hours are generally 9:00 to 18:00, though some stay open until 8:00 or 10:00 p.m.. Most supermarkets are open until 22:00 from Monday to Saturday. Shops in smaller villages usually have more limited opening hours.

On Sundays, generally shops are closed, but in emergencies you can find a few essentials in gas stations, at the train station or airport. Some bakeries, flower shops and kiosks are open on Sunday mornings as well. On Mondays, hairdressers are often closed.

In Linz (25km south of Bonn) all shops are open in the old city on Sundays. An important point to note is that many stores especially smaller stores and some supermarkets do not accept regular credit (or debit) cards from companies such as Visa, US, Canada Express or MasterCard. You will need to use an EC card or cash. Larger stores however generally accept credit cards.

Keep a stock of carrier shopping bags with you, as these are not free in most stores, especially supermarkets! Also, always have a 1 Euro coin with you to use in the supermarket trolleys/shopping carts. Many stores will give you a plastic chip which can be used in place of the coin.

Organic Foods

“Bioladen” and “Reformhaus” refer to bio or natural food shops. You will find them everywhere. They also usually carry a wide range of environmentally sound products for your household. Regular stores also carry some organic products. Look for items labeled “Bio”.

There are also various bio-markets; for instance on Saturday near Münsterplatz downtown Bonn and on Friday morning in Bad Godesberg, Marktplatz. Most regular markets will also have a biostand.

Here you can download a short glossary: Short glossary.pdf