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Weather in Bonn and the region: Showers instead of snow: The weather at Christmas

Weather in Bonn and the region : Showers instead of snow: The weather at Christmas

Snow is not expected in Bonn at Christmas, instead there will be rain and wind. On Christmas Eve, temperatures could rise up to ten degrees Celsius. What will the weather be like over the Christmas holidays?

No "white Christmas" in sight: On the coming holidays, people in Bonn and the region have to prepare for rather uncomfortable and partly wet weather. Christmas Eve on Tuesday will be very cloudy and rainy in North Rhine-Westphalia, according to the German Weather Service (DWD). At the highest altitudes, sleet is possible in the evening. In Bonn, temperatures will be between six and ten degrees. At noon, stormy gusts could sweep over the region.

According to the forecast, it will remain heavily clouded on Christmas Day. In Bonn, however, the sun may appear from time to time. Nevertheless, keep the umbrella handy: Light showers may occur throughout the day with highs of around 10 degrees.

According to the weather experts, the clouds will not disappear on Thursday - the temperatures will cool down to about five degrees. In the evening it is expected to rain again.

(Original text: general-indicator-bonn.de / Translation: Mareike Graepel)