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Alexander von Humboldt Gymnasium: Police in Bornheim practice anti-rampage mission at school

Alexander von Humboldt Gymnasium : Police in Bornheim practice anti-rampage mission at school

Dozens of police officers moved to the Alexander von Humboldt High School in Bornheim on Tuesday morning. At the school, the Bonn police, together with special forces, simulated a mission in case of a school shooting.

Emergency alarms were rung at the Alexander-von-Humboldt-Gymnasium in Bornheim: On Tuesday morning the police in Bonn went out for a major exercise, the officials rehearsed the emergency together with special forces at the school.

"There is a threat situation in a school of one or more perpetrators," said Robert Scholten, spokesman for the Bonn police, explaining the scenario. "The task forces have to deal with perpetrators and injured people in a large and partly unclear building.“

The exercise, in which about 50 police officers took part, was organised by the permanent staff in Cologne. "The situation is that we work in real time with the special forces," said Scholten. Around 50 extras were on site, and the police also deployed a drone.

The emergency forces of the Bonn police knew about the exercise, but they were not previously informed of the scenario. „We are able to check where we stand in the best possible way," said Scholten. In addition to the police, the medical group of the Bornheimer Malteser International is also participating in the exercise.

Around 12 o'clock the exercise, which started late due to an actual bomb threat in Cologne, was finished. "The first short feedback from the field was quite positive", said Scholten.

The police had announced in a local resident information leaflet that there was to be a training mission at the school. For this reason both the school and parts of the Adenauerallee were closed. The police also pointed out in advance that there could be explosive noises and smoke.

(Original text: Axel Vogel and Alexander Hertel / Translation: Mareike Graepel)