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On the Rhine: Worthwhile boat tours from Bonn

On the Rhine : Worthwhile boat tours from Bonn

Whether you are a visitor or live in Bonn, a boat tour on the Rhine is a must. The excursion boats are underway again from Easter to October. Here’s an overview.

The season

The season for excursion boats generally runs from Easter to October. The three shipping companies in Bonn are offering cruises on the Rhine again from Good Friday onwards. During the winter months, the excursion boats are serviced and repaired, if necessary. The landing jetties are also made fit for passengers again. Every five years, the boats have to be lifted out of the water and taken to the Ship Inspection Commission (SUK) – a TÜV (roadworthiness test) for ships, so to speak.

The companies

The companies operating in Bonn are the Bonner Personen Schiffahrt (BPS), the Köln-Düsseldorfer Deutsche Rheinschifffahrt (KD) and the Personenschifffahrt Siebengebirge (PSS), although KD and PSS have been working together for 20 years. So if you buy a ticket from KD, you can also use it with PSS and vice versa.

The ships

BPS operates four ships on the Rhine. In Bonn and the region, KD mainly uses the modern saloon ship MS Loreley for 150 to 400 guests and the MS RheinFantasie for up to 1000 guests, which is often also used as a party boat. However, the large MS Rheinenergie, from which Pope Benedict XVI greeted pilgrims on World Youth Day, is also often used. The MS Godesia and MS Petersberg sail on the Rhine for PSS.

The landing jetties

There are three main landing jetties for trips in the Bonn city area: at the Alter Zoll (KD, BPS, PSS), at the Bundeshaus (BPS, PSS) and in Oberkassel (BPS). Passengers can also board in Bad Godesberg.

The timetable

KD and PSS offer a total of three daily trips upriver from Bonn to Linz in high season. The ships run from 19 April to 13 October at 10.30am, 12.30pm and 2.30pm respectively. On Sundays and public holidays there is an additional trip at 11.30am. PSS runs its day tours on Mondays and Wednesdays. BPS starts its tours to Linz at 9.50am, 11.50am and 2pm at the Alter Zoll.More information on the timetables can be found here:




The prices

Tickets on BPS start at Euro 5 for a single journey. A trip from Bonn to Linz and back would cost Euro 18.50. A single journey with KD and PSS starts at Euro 3 and for a return journey between Bonn and Linz, passengers must pay Euro 21.80. The day trips with PSS, only on Mondays and Wednesdays, cost between Euro 22 to Bad Breisig and Bad Hönningen and Euro 34 to Boppard, all return. You can go from Bonn to Mainz and back with KD.

The most beautiful routes

Generally, it makes sense to go upriver from Bonn towards Linz. From the ship, you can easily admire the landscape of the Siebengebirge and the Drachenfels. A journey from Bonn to Königswinter lasts about an hour. KD offers discounted combi-tickets for a return journey and a ride on the Drachenfels train or entry to Sea Life in Königswinter. On PSS, the daily scheduled services also offer a commentary of the landscape in German and English.

The themed trips

For those for whom the scheduled services are not enough, the individual companies offer many themed cruises. BPS is offering live “whodunits” on board and various evening cruises. PSS is offering Sunday brunch cruises from Bonn to Linz or a three-course meal on board during the “Rhine in Flames” firework spectacular on Saturday, May 4.


For those who want an undisturbed and exclusive sail on the Rhine, all three companies offer the possibility to charter a ship for special business or private events. You can hold a conference on board or get married and then celebrate right away.

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