Evacuations in the area: World War II bomb discovered in Siegburg

Evacuations in the area : World War II bomb discovered in Siegburg

A 125-kilo bomb from the Second World War was found at the Sieg River in Siegburg. Evacuations were taking place in the area affected. Part of the A560 is affected as are some homes in Siegburg and Sankt Augustin.

During renaturation work on the Sieg River in the part of Siegburg called Zange, a 125-kilo bomb was found. For safety reasons, the area around the bomb must be evacuated within a radius of 500 meters. Affected is also the A560 and some residential buildings. The refugee accommodation on the street "Siegdamm" had to be evacuated as well. Residents have been provided with short-term accommodation at the municipal construction facility.

The World War II bomb has two detonators, both of which are still in the bomb. Bomb disposal experts are on site to examine it. Police are preparing road closures but there has not been a time given as to when the A560 will be affected. The large-scale closures will only go into full effect during the defusing of the bomb and when this will happen is still to be determined. In the immediate vicinity of the bomb, on the trails along the Sieg, the area has already been closed off.

Line 66 is not expected to be affected by the closures. Cologne / Bonn airport has also been informed, as the area is located in the airport's control zone.

The city of Siegburg has released two telephone numbers for citizens to call if they have important questions: 02241/102295 and 02241/102301.

Orig. text: Thomas Heinemann, Sebastian Fink, Translation: ck

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