Cherry Blossom season: World visitors

Cherry Blossom season : World visitors

It’s a gorgeous time of year when Cherry Blossoms adorn Bonn and people come from everywhere to enjoy nature’s beauty.

It’s that time of year when Bonn takes on the pink hues of April’s Cherry Blossom season. People from everywhere come to capture the beauty in photos. In the Altstadt (old city), the first blossoms are visible on Max Straße, Heer Straße and Breite Straße. Especially drawn to the blossoms are visitors from Japan and China. The Japanese celebrate “Hanami”, their own Cherry Blossom Festival in a very big way but it is also a very festive time of year in China.

Heerstraße became rather famous when it was posted on Facebook in 2012 as one of the “Places to see before you die” . Tourism & Congress (T & C) spokesperson Thomas von dem Bruch says the number of overnight hotel bookings by Japanese goes up around 84 percent in April with around 572 nights booked. T & C Bonn also advertises with flyers in Berlin and this brings many people as well.

Chinese Students Yun Zhang and Shengya Zhao came from Aachen to do some shopping and see the blossoms, but they were disappointed that it wasn’t yet at the peak. “In our hometown in China, the Cherry Blossoms are also very popular. We will come back in a couple weeks, perhaps then we will have more luck,” said Yun Zhang.

For a few years now, there has been a Cherry Blossom festival in Bonn. This year it will be on April 23. A stage with entertainment will be run at Marienschule from 11:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. (Heerstraße 92-94). A flea market in the Altstadt will begin at 10:00 a.m. Last year, there were an estimated 20,000 visitors.

Attention hobby Photographers: If you have taken a photo of Cherry Blossoms in Bonn that you want to share, the General Anzeiger (Bonn’s largest newspaper) is going to publish the best photos on their internet site. Send in your photo to: online@ga-bonn with a couple sentences about where your photo was taken (you can write in English) and headline your mail with “Kirschblüte” or “Cherry Blossoms”. For the very best photo, there will be a dinner for two in the Altstadt.

Orig. text: Claudia Garbers

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