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Closures will result in massive disruptions: Work at Bonn Central Station will squeeze out passengers

Closures will result in massive disruptions : Work at Bonn Central Station will squeeze out passengers

Bonn Central Station might well be a place to be avoided at the end of June and some passengers will have no choice in the matter. Many trains and trams will be diverted for a week due to ongoing renovations and reconstruction.

Platform 1 in Bonn's central train station has been closed since November of 2016 due to repair work on the roof of the hall. Now railway customers will face even further disruptions at the end of June. Between June 26 and July 1, the main station will be practically closed altogether. This was announced on Friday by Oliver Krauss, member of the CDU state parliament. According to Krauss, long-distance trains and freight trains will be completely diverted.

The construction measures will be carried out in June because extensive construction work is already taking place at Cologne Central Station during the Easter holidays. According to current planning, only the regional express RE 5 (Wesel-Köln-Bonn-Koblenz) will stop in Bonn along with tram line S 23 (Bonn-Rheinbach-Euskirchen) during the construction period. All other local rail lines will only service the stops before and after Bonn.

Line RB 48 (Bonn-Köln-Wuppertal) will only run between Cologne and Wuppertal. According to Krauss, the section between Cologne Central Station and Bonn will not be served by RB 48 during that week at the end of June. The RB 26 from Cologne will only go to Roisdorf and coming from Mainz/Koblenz it will only go to Bad Godesberg as will the Ahr Valley railway (RB 30).

According to Oliver Krauss, Deutsche Bahn has announced that it will combine several projects in order to minimize disruptions for passengers. In Bonn, work will be done on the platforms at the central station and there will be continued renovations on the roof of the hall.

(Orig. text: hbl, Translation: Carol Kloeppel)