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Restaurants in Bonn: What guests can expect at the Harmonie in Endenich

Restaurants in Bonn : What guests can expect at the Harmonie in Endenich

In a series which showcases gastronomy in Bonn and the region, General Anzeiger introduces restaurants, cafés, pubs, and wine bars. This time around, the Harmonie in Endenich is in the spotlight.

The Harmonie is a pub, beer garden and live club all at once. It is located at the so-called “Endenicher Kulturmeile”, a neighborhood in the western part of Bonn that is home to theaters and eating/drinking establishments.


Since September 1994: Bert Jakwerth, Wolfgang Koll and Josef Schnorbus

What you will find there

The interior reflects a Mediterranean ambience with a restaurant and bar area. Inside there are 120 seats. Old trees are characteristic for the beer garden, which offers 400 seats, some of them shaded.

On the menu

From the selection: Chicken wrap with fresh yoghurt and Mexican salad 9.50 euros, pizza spinaci, feta and garlic 10.90 euros, grilled scampi and calamari with salad bouquet in lemon vinaigrette 17 euros

Drinks menu

On tap: Peters Kölsch and Krombacher Pils (0,3l) each 2.70 euros, Krombacher light wheat (0,5l) 4.30 euros, Andechser light (0,3l) 3.10 euros, Guinness (0,4l) 4.90 euros. Bottled beers: Astra Urtyp (0,33l) 2.80 euros, Andechser Export dark (0,5l) 4.10 euros. 15 open wines (0,2l) from 4.60 euros

Special events

From the beginning of September, concerts take place in the club.


Those who come to the Harmonie are a mix of everyone from young to old, and there are also many people from the neighborhood who are frequent visitors to the Harmonie.

Philosophy of the Harmonie

"The flair of Harmonie consists of a mixture of pub life, restaurant patrons and concert lovers."

Opening hours

Daily from 5 pm (kitchen until 11 pm). Open every day of the week.


Frongasse 28-30, 53121 Bonn-Endenich, Germany, www.harmonie-bonn.de

Contact us

Phone (0228) 61 40 42

(Orig. text: general-anzeiger-bonn.de; Translation: ck)