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Start of trial at regional court: Walid S. back in the dock

Start of trial at regional court : Walid S. back in the dock

The 23-year-old known to the police has to answer to the jury court in Bonn for attempted manslaughter. According to the public prosecutor's office, he is said to have severely attacked a defenceless man lying on the ground and attacked police officers.

Starting on Thursday, Walid S. will have to answer before the Bonn Court of Appeals for attempted manslaughter in a crime of assault and battery. In addition, the 23-year-old, who is known to the police, is accused of an assault on a law enforcement officer in a crime unit with resistance, bodily harm and insult. If convicted, he is threatened with up to 15 years imprisonment.

According to the prosecution, Walid S., who lives in Mehlem, was involved in a brawl on Rathausgasse on the night of February 10. The public prosecutor's office is convinced that he had severely attacked a 26-year-old man who was lying defenceless on the ground and had "condoned" his death. Walid S. has been in custody since 15 February for the risk of recidivism.

The assault on the police took place on 12 January. Among other things, he is said to have pushed a female officer aside, beaten her and insulted the investigators. The list of cases in which the 23-year-old suspectedly got into conflict with the law in the past is long. These include brawls, threats but not the brutal attack on Niklas Pöhler, who died in May 2016. Walid S. was charged as the main suspect in the trial, but was acquitted for lack of evidence.

Two cases were dropped, involving incidents in Bad Godesberg on 14 October 2017 - a threat and a brawl. So far he has served a juvenile sentence of eight months for an April 2016 act of violence and was fined 1000 Euro in October 2018.

Walid S. was accused of havingbullied and beaten a man in a Hennef discotheque on 10 December 2017. Both the public prosecutor's office, which had requested four months' imprisonment on probation, and Walid S.'s lawyer, who wanted to obtain an acquittal, were not satisfied with the verdict. But the case was not reopened before the Appeals Chamber of the Regional Court. Both sides withdrew the appeal, so the verdict is final.

(Original text: Ayla Jacob, Translation: Mareike Graepel)