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Devastated owner: Vintage VW bus burns out in Beuel

Devastated owner : Vintage VW bus burns out in Beuel

A meter-high column of smoke alarmed the Bonn fire brigade on Friday. A VW bus went up in flames for unknown reasons - and left the owner with tears in his eyes.

A VW bus, made in 1979, parked on Königsheimstraße in Beuel, went up in flames on Friday for unknown reasons. According to eyewitnesses, a meter-high column of smoke rose into the sky. Around 1.25 pm the fire brigade was alerted.

The owner, himself born in 1979, had imported the vehicle from England only a week ago. At the sight of the burning vehicle the tears shot the man into the eyes. He apparently wanted to register his van with the city of Bonn on Friday.

(Original text: Matthias Kehrein / Translation: Mareike Graepel)