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DVB-T2 transmitter will be switched off: TV reception in Bonn obstructed on Wednesday

DVB-T2 transmitter will be switched off : TV reception in Bonn obstructed on Wednesday

The TV reception in the entire Bonn region will be obstructed or partly disrupted. But not all viewers will be affected.

In case you wanted to watch the German telenovela „Sturm der Liebe“, the „How I met Your Mother“ sitcom or the jumble show „Bares für Rares“, you might be looking at a blank screen. The DVB-T2 transmitter for Bonn will be switched off between 10.05am and 12noon. The reason: a required inspection, according to the Westdeutsche Rundfunk (WDR) statement. Thus the TV reception will be obstructed or only partly available.

The restrictions will affect DVB-T2 channel 26 with the stations Das Erste, arte, ONE and the WDR stations of the Cologne region, Bonn and Aachen,channel 39 with 3sat, Kika, ZDF, zdf neo and zdf info, channel 35 with tagesschau 24, phoenix, NDR- NDS, MDR S-Anhalt and SWR R-P, channel 36 with Eurosport1, Disney Channel, N24, DMAX, VIVA-Comedy Central, Sky Sport News, QVC, HSE 24 and bible.TV, channel 40 with RTL, RTL2, Super RTL, VOX, ntv, RTL Nitro and Tele5 as well as channel 43 with Kabeleins, ProSieben, SIXX, Pro7 MAXX, SAT1, Sat 1 Gold and Sport1. There will also be restrictions at DAB+ Kanal 11D.

If you receive your tv program via a cable connection, a satellite or the internet, you will not be affected by the switch off.

Original text: GA Bonn

Translation: Mareike Graepel