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Rail traffic disruptions: Train still blocking track at Mehlem station

Rail traffic disruptions : Train still blocking track at Mehlem station

A freight train has been blocking a track at Mehlemer Bahnhof since Friday. As travellers observed, this resulted in train diversions and cancelled stops in Mehlem. The train was supposed to leave the station at the beginning of the week.

The whole thing still continued until Tuesday afternoon, and caused numerous passengers to shake their heads. The blocked track 3 normally serves as a turning track for the RB 48, which begins and ends there. The freight train, for example, mainly caused disruptions in regional traffic. On request, the Deutsche Bahn admitted that it could not provide any information on freight trains for reasons of data protection. A railway spokesman at least confirmed on request that the train should have left the station on Monday. But that was not the case: Track 3 was still blocked on Tuesday morning.

"Unfortunately, the train could not leave on Monday as planned because other measures had priority due to the disturbances caused by the weather", said the railway spokesman with reference to the thunderstorms on Monday.

According to GA information, the train driver of the freight train reached his maximum travel time on Friday in Mehlem and therefore parked the train at the station. A replacement driver could apparently not be found in a hurry. However, the railway did not want to comment on this either and again referred to data protection. The speaker also did not want to comment on the effects on other trains and connections.

(Original text: GA Bonn, Translation: Mareike Graepel)