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Demolition of complex adjacent to the train station: Things to get tight at Bonn central train station

Demolition of complex adjacent to the train station : Things to get tight at Bonn central train station

The demolition of an office and shopping complex at Bonn’s central train station will begin on Wednesday, affecting pedestrian walkways there. How will the construction site look like? Where can pedestrians still walk?

There will be a little drama in the air on Wednesday, January 25 at high noon when the demolition of the so-called “Südüberbauung” begins. This area refers to the office and shopping complex adjacent to the train station. Lord Mayor Ashok Sridharan will personally be there to signal the start. A day earlier, the city communicated the impact the construction site will have on pedestrians, residents and passengers at the Bonn Hauptbahnhof (Bonn central train station), as well as the subsequent building on the north side opposite the station.

On February 1, Maximilian Center investor Ten Brinke applied for an expansion of the current space occupied. Since December, the entrances to the area have been blocked off. A long construction fence runs along Maximilianstraße.

What will the construction site look like?

Basically, Ten Brinke has to cover the entire old building. Along Poststraße, a street space which is 3.5 meter wide will still be accessible, allowing for deliveries and garbage trucks. The pedestrian arcade leading to the street “Am Hauptbahnhof” will be blocked off as well as the area in front of the Hotel Continental, which is popular with passengers who make their way through that space to reach the inner city. The area where the empty shops are between the U-Bahn entrance and the central bus station will be closed until Fall of 2018.

Where can one still walk?

The two tunnels which lead to the train tracks and further to Quantiusstraße will remain open. Commuters can continue to use the “Bonner Loch,” a provisional elevator will be set up. From the end of March, the ramp from the southern tunnel to the bus station will be closed and remain so until spring of 2018.

How will it go on when the “Nordfeld” is under construction?

In Fall, developers will begin with their shopping complex project “Urban Soul.” It will be built on the Bonner Loch which means this will no longer be an area to walk through to get to the city from the train station or vice versa.

How will this affect traffic and local public transportation?

The construction site “Südüberbauung” will be reached from the south over the Cityring. The investor has ensured it will keep on schedule so as not to burden the traffic situation more than necessary. When construction on the “Nordfeld” begins, the civil engineering department wants to use the new roundabout at Rabinstraße for construction vehicles only. Officials are considering whether or not they need to move the tram station 61/62 to the central bus station area.

(Orig. text: Phillip Königs)