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Medical practice in Bad Godesberg: Theft charges filed after patient records found in trash

Medical practice in Bad Godesberg : Theft charges filed after patient records found in trash

After patient records from a doctor's practice were discovered in a paper recycling container in Bad Godesberg, the doctor asserted that he had been robbed. He has now filed a complaint for theft.

The doctor, whose patient records were found in a blue paper recycling container, filed a complaint for theft on January 22. This was announced by police spokesman Michael Beyer in response to a GA inquiry. According to the report, the patient files are said to have been stolen from the doctor's office between January 6 and 17. Now the criminal police are investigating the case.

Residents had already discovered sensitive documents several times in a freely accessible blue paper recycling container, which is available to both doctors and residents. It was already noticed for the first time last year. An attempt to contact the doctor was unsuccessful. This was followed up by the residents contacting the Association of Public Health Insurance Physicians of North Rhine-Westphalia.

According to a spokesperson at the association, shortly after that, the case was being "thoroughly investigated and a possible violation of the law governing physicians being looked into". The medical council was also informed, "since the protection of medical documentation is fundamentally covered by the laws governing the medical profession". If the accusations prove to be true, there is a risk of fines, licensing or regulatory consequences with regard to rules of professional conduct. The current status of the investigations could not be found out on Friday.

In the past, the doctor had communicated to the GA that his practice had been broken into. At that time, however, no charges were filed.

Orig. text: Ayla Jacob

Translation: ck