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Forecast for Bonn and the region: The weekend’s going to be cold and sunny

Forecast for Bonn and the region : The weekend’s going to be cold and sunny

Good news for fans of winter: The cold comes back to Bonn and the region at the weekend and creates a wintery atmosphere. And also, there’s plenty of sun to be expected.

The sunny weather also continues this weekend. Friday begins already with sunshine after a starry night. The temperatures range between five and twelve degrees, but it will feel cooler.

On Saturday it is going to be exactly the same. However, it continues to cool down overnight to Sunday. The temperatures then decrease to just three degrees. Make sure that if you're going out through the cool night air at the weekend, you put on a thick jacket.

On Sunday it will get really frosty. For the first time the zero degree limit could be reached this weekend. But we won’t be lucky enough to get snow. Because we will be spared from clouds on Sunday and overnight to Monday again. During the day it gets up to ten degrees "warm".

The new week will start quite friendly. But this time the temperatures wont climb up to the double digit range again. In the course of Monday clouds and wind may/will come in addition.

For current information about the weather please check out www.ga-bonn.de/wetter. Current thunderstorm warnings can be found at www.ga-bonn.de/wetterwarnungen.

(Original text: GA Bonn; Translation: Mareike Graepel)