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In tact with public transport increases: Taxi prices to climb 2.5 percent in Bonn

In tact with public transport increases : Taxi prices to climb 2.5 percent in Bonn

The council decision is now only a formality: taxi fares will be adjusted to mirror the increase in bus and train fares in the Rhine-Sieg Transport Association. A taxi ride will become 2.5 percent more expensive.

Taxi fares in Bonn are rising again this year - and to the same extent as the fares for bus and train in the region. The Cooperative Taxi Bonn had already applied to the city of Bonn back in October of 2019 for an increase of around 2.5 percent, as can be seen in a draft resolution for the city council. The city council approved the application.

In contrast to previous years, when there was often resistance to rising taxi prices in the parliamentary groups, this time the council decision is a mere formality. This is because the majority of local politicians had decided in 2018 to adjust the price of taxis to the regular fare increases in the Rhine-Sieg Transport Association (VRS). This automatic mechanism took effect for the first time a year ago: At that time, the taxi cooperative successfully applied for permission to raise fares by an average of 3.5 percent. In March 2018, the city council had decided on an average increase of 2.8 percent.

For the new price increase, which, according to the municipal decision proposal, was not further explained by the cooperative, the municipality consulted several bodies affected. These include, among others, the North Rhine local public transport association. No objections were raised, the bill states.

Calculated on different route lengths, the price increase is slightly below the VRS tariff increase of 2.5 percent. A trip of three kilometers will then cost €9.67 instead of the previous €9.44 (+ 2.44 percent); a trip of ten kilometers will cost €22.41 instead of the previous €21.90 (+ 2.33 percent). The cost of a 15-kilometer trip will rise from 30.80 to 31.51 euros (+ 2.31 percent). And the next price increase will certainly come in a year's time: then the VRS will increase again by 2.5 percent.

The increases in detail

Base price increases the most

Basic price: from 2.90 to 3.00 euros (+ 3.45 percent)

The first kilometer: from 2.98 to 3.03 euros (+ 1.68 percent)

Each additional kilometer from the second kilometer: 1.78 to 1.82 euros (+ 2.25 percent)

From the 2nd kilometer, 10 pm to 6 am and on Sundays and public holidays: 1.88 to 1.92 euros (+ 2.13 per cent)

Traffic-related waiting time/hour: from 22.25 to 22.80 euros (+ 2.47 percent)

From the 6th minute waiting time/hour: from 30.20 to 30.95 euros (+ 2.48 percent)

Orig. text: Andreas Baumann. Translation: ck