Bonn Sports Club grounds: Sportpark Nord in Bonn to be modernised

Bonn Sports Club grounds : Sportpark Nord in Bonn to be modernised

Sportpark Nord is to be fully renovated and modernised with financing of Euro 3.25 million. Several new features are planned.

The modernisation of Sportpark Nord is to go ahead. The general committee decided at its latest meeting that hard pitch 1 will be converted into an additional artificial turf pitch. A small playing field and a basketball court will also be built. The decision also provides for the renovation of the car park, which is only paved with a layer of gravel.

It is also planned to assign the use of the new artificial pitch to Bonn Sports Club, which wants to use it as a training ground for its regional league team and as a venue for national league and other select youth teams. The times freed up by the BSC at other Bonn sports venues can be allocated to other clubs.

It is also planned to use further areas for non-club sports activities. Workshops are therefore to be held with potential users with the participation of the district management. The renovation will cost a total of 3.25 million Euros.

(Original text: Lisa Inhoffen. Translation: kc)

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