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Bonn crime: Spate of car break ins

Bonn crime : Spate of car break ins

Thieves broke into cars in Bad Godesberg and Bonn-Castell on Thursday night. They were targeting navigation systems and other built in components.

On Thursday night several cars were broken into in Bad Godesberg’s Villenviertel and Bonn-Castell. Police said the thieves were after built in components in several cars.

They stole a built in navigation system from a car on Römerstraße in Castell. They removed the steering wheel and airbag, parts of the internal electronics and the navigation system from a car on Plittersdorfer Straße in Bad Godesberg. They also broke into two cars on Hohenzollernstraße taking the navigation system and the start button from one and the steering wheel and gear knob from another.

The criminal police are investigating and are asking for witnesses. Anyone with information about suspicious persons or vehicles or who saw anything unusual is asked to call 0228 150.

(Original text: ga. Translated by Kate Carey.)