The weather in Bonn and the region: Snow transforms the region into a winter landscape

The weather in Bonn and the region : Snow transforms the region into a winter landscape

On Sunday morning it snowed in parts of the region. In some places, fields and meadows turned into a winter landscape. But will winter last much longer?

The sight of snow will have caused some people to check their calendars. Yes, it is already spring! But as everybody knows, April does what it wants - and has now sent winter again with snow into the region.

Early on Sunday morning, for example, snowflakes fell in Niederbachem, Meckenhein, Bad Honnef, Rheinbach, Bad Münstereifel, Sankt Augustin and parts of Bonn - and with frosty temperatures just over zero, the snow even settled. It wasn't enough snow to sledge, but here and there it was enough to make a snowman.

A few kilometres away though there was no more magnificent whiteness. There, the precipitation fell as rain.

Wintereinbruch im Frühling in der Region

The return of winter in spring is only a short episode, because on Monday the mercury should noticeably rise again. Then the temperature should be between 11 and 16 degrees. By the middle of the week the thermometer might even reach 18 degrees and by the end of the week the 20 degree mark will be hit. Snow really doesn't stand a chance then. That's how April is.

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(Original text: Michael Wrobel; translation John Chandler)