Police officers attacked in Lannesdorf: Salafist from Bonn deported to Turkey

Police officers attacked in Lannesdorf : Salafist from Bonn deported to Turkey

The Salafist Murat K., who injured two police officers with a knife during a demonstration against the anti-Islam group Pro NRW in Lannesdorf six years ago, has been deported to Turkey.

The man who is considered to be a potential Islamist attacker used to live in Sontra in Hesse, after already serving a jail sentence for several years. The state of Hesse deported him on Friday, according to a report from the ministry of the interior. The newspaper „Die Welt“ had reported on the deportation first.

In October 2012, the radical Islamic Salafist was found guilty of grievous bodily harm, serious breach of the peace and resistance against police officers in this particularly serious case. He was sentenced to six years in prison.

On May 5, 2012, a Pro NRW demonstration took place outside the King Fahad Academy in Lannesdorf. At the same time, a counter rally by Salafists was held. The situation escalated when members of Pro NRW held up a Mohammed caricature.

First the police officers were pelted with stones and flower pots. Then Murat K. broke through the barrier and attacked a police woman and her colleague with a 22-centimetre kitchen knife. Both police officers needed surgery on their thighs and were later awarded compensation.

Murat K. first appealed the court’s decision, but later retracted the application. The severity of penalties meant that the man, who was born in Germany and who also owns a Turkish passport, would have been deported after serving the sentence. (Original text: GA Bonn Translation: Mareike Graepel)