Full closure next weekend: Römerstraße will be open for traffic again in September

Full closure next weekend : Römerstraße will be open for traffic again in September

After almost seven years, the construction work on the Römerstraße will finally be history. For the last remaining works, the road needs to be closed fully for one weekend. And the weather conditions have to be perfect.

The permanent building site will finally be closed: After almost seven years of construction work and many, many delays the Römerstraße will be usable again in both directions in about a week’s time. On Monday, September 3, the traffic is supposed to be rolling again in both directions, according to the city’s press office on Friday.

But: The weekend prior to the re-opening will see one last full closure. On September 1 and 2, the civil engineering office will lay down the asphalt overlay between Wachsbleiche and Augustring and mark the lanes, according to the city council. Due to work saftet reasons, the traffic cannot use the 700-meter-long construction works in a single lane.

A special noise-reducing asphalt will reduce the noise from tyres and engines. But during the laying down, special weather conditions are needed so that the asphalt can maintain its effect properly over a longer period of time: It can’t rain, it cannot be windy and not colder than ten to 15 degrees.

There were many problems like cavities in the ground, pipes in unexpected places, archaeological findings. „This was the most chaotic construction site I can remember“, said Peter Esch, head of the civil engineering office. But even despite trojan efforts of the construction gang, the delays could not be caught up with. He thanked particularly the residents for being understanding in regarding their patience for the extended construction time.

Mainly business owners had complained about the permanent construction work. The originally calculated 1.75 million Euro will be exceeded by far - as soon as all bills and invoices have been handed in, the press office will release a statement.

(Original text: Andreas / Translation: Mareike Graepel)