12 – 18 December: Radar controls

12 – 18 December : Radar controls

Drivers beware! Here are this week’s speed traps.

The police are again setting up speed traps in Bonn and the region. Here are the radar controls announced for this week:

Monday, 12 December

  • in Bonn on Graurheindorfer Straße, Röckumstraße and Adenauerallee
  • in Oberpleis on the L 247

Tuesday, 13 December

  • in Bad Godesberg on Gotenstraße and Ürziger Straße
  • in Bonn-Gronau on Oscar-Romero-Allee
  • in Beuel on Niederkasseler Straße

Wednesday, 14 December

  • in Bonn on Römerstraße
  • in Beuel on Maarstraße
  • in Kessenich on Karl-Barth-Straße
  • in Bornheim on the L 300

Thursday, 15 December

  • in Bonn on Graurheindorfer Straße and Adenauerallee
  • in Beuel on the B 56
  • in Meckenheim on the L 261

Friday, 16 December

  • in Bonn on Reuterstraße
  • in Beuel on Pützchens Chaussee
  • in Wachtberg-Niederbachem on the L 123
  • in Sandscheid on the L 268

Police are also setting speed traps in the following places in the Rhine-Sieg region:

  • on the B 56 between Siegburg-Schreck and Lohmar-Krahwinkel
  • on the L 189 (Wahnbachtalstraße) in Neunkirchen-Seelscheid
  • on the L 86 in Ruppichteroth between Kuchem and Hänscheid
  • on the K 2 (Schulstraße) in Sankt Augustin
  • on Seidenbergstraße in Siegburg-Wolsdorf
  • on Langgasse in Niederkassel-Mondorf
  • on Fritz-Jacobi-Straße in Hennef
  • on Krebsaueler Straße in Lohmar-Wahlscheid
  • on the K 29 (Kriegsdorfer Straße) in Troisdorf-Spich
  • on Bernhardstraße in Siegburg

Police say additional controls may be set up throughout the city/region.

(Orig text: ga; translated by Kate Carey.)

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