Fun fair in Beuel: new rides: Preparation of Pützchen's Markt has begun

Fun fair in Beuel: new rides : Preparation of Pützchen's Markt has begun

In September rides and other attractions attract visitors to Pützchen again. Already for the 652nd time the fair Pützchens Markt takes place. The construction of the nearly 500 attractions started on Tuesday.

From 6 to 10 September the 652nd Pützchens Markt will take place. On 80.000 square metres there will be about 500 shops. The construction for the traditional fair started on Tuesday.

Highlights this year are the ghost train Shocker as well as the whitewater ride Atlantis and the overhead ride Night Style. In addition to rides and other attractions, there will also be a music programme. The Cologne cult band Bläck Fööss will be performing in the marquee this year, as will Cat Ballou.

Here are the new rides:

Atlantis rafting: This whitewater ride, which is fed with 300,000 litres of water, is a real rafting experience. The wild ride leads through narrow curves with an inclination of up to 40 degrees and over undulating ground, which makes the boats drift on air cushions and turn so that an authentic rafting feeling arises. Each of the ten boats can accommodate four adults and two children.

Viva La Cuba: In the new walk-in attraction, young and old fun fair fans alike can overcome movable floor elements, rolling barrels and all kinds of other obstacles on four floors and in 39 games. The central element in the foreground is the huge church tower with a spiral slide as its interior.

Time Machine: The Time Machine has only been on the market since this year. Each of the two rotating gondolas, which ascend at the same time, has twelve seats for the daring.

T-Rex Tower: The 21 metre high children's freefall tower is now coming to Pützchen in its second season.

Take Off: In this carousel, the nacelles rotate with high acceleration torque on a wheel disc inclined up to 60 degrees.

Night Style: A stable stomach also helps the passengers of the upside-down Night Style shop with its horizontal, vertical and diagonal rollovers.

Alpen-Coaster: This family roller coaster offers a fast ride through many curves, high mountains and deep valleys on a 500 metre distance.

Great Movie Ride: In the 7-D simulator "Great Movie Ride", guests experience the latest films not only in 3D technology, but also in additional dimensions: movements, water, fire, fog and air effects.