35 people and nine vehicles: Police stop wedding procession in Bonn

35 people and nine vehicles : Police stop wedding procession in Bonn

A Moroccan wedding party drove through Bonn city centre on Saturday in a motorcade of nine vehicles. The police intervened because of reckless driving manoeuvres contrary to traffic regulations.

Bonn police imposed four fines on a Moroccan wedding party on Saturday. The wedding party had gathered on Adenauerallee around 5.20pm on Saturday with hazard warning lights on to drive nine vehicles in a motorcade through Bonn city centre to Siegburg.

“Initially we drew attention to what was and was not permitted,” says police spokesperson Robert Scholten. This included no reckless driving manoeuvres and the “explicit advice” not to lean out of the cars, so as not to endanger themselves or others.

Less than 500 metres further on, this was exactly what happened. According to Scholten, the drivers overtook each other on Oxfordstraße and occupants sat on the doors with no seatbelts on. As a result, several patrol cars stopped the motorcade, which included expensive luxury vehicles, close to Maxstraße. “We carried out controls on a total of 35 people and spoke to 15 about the dangers.” Notifications of misdemeanours were issued to four people. According to GA information, they were all between 20 and 30 years old.

Generally, Bonn police does not intervene when wedding parties honk their horns and drive through the city decorated with flowers. “Even if they are driving a little more slowly. This is still tolerable today,” says Scholten. However, there are limits, such as when people are put in danger and others feel harassed.

Original text: Nicolas Ottersbach. Translation: kc

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