Car break-ins in Bad Godesberg: Police searching for suspects

Car break-ins in Bad Godesberg : Police searching for suspects

Police seek help in finding thieves and warn the public to not leave valuables in their cars.

Two cars were broken into between 10:30 p.m. Saturday night and 1:45 a.m. early Sunday morning. Stolen from the cars were a cell phone, a laptop computer, a jacket and pair of glasses. One of the cars had been parked on Moltkestraße and one on Moltkeplatz. The thieves got away unnoticed and police are investigating. If anyone has any information that may help police, they are asked to call 0228-150.

Police warn the public: Do not leave any belongings of worth in your car. It doesn’t matter if they are visible or hidden, thieves know where to look and they will find any valuables. It doesn’t take long to break a window and get away with stolen goods within seconds.

(Orig. text: Rüdger Franz)