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Tenant under suspicion: Police investigate after explosion in Meckenheim

Tenant under suspicion : Police investigate after explosion in Meckenheim

There was a suspected explosion in a residential building in Meckenheim on Thursday. Nobody was injured, the damage to the house is comparatively small. Now the police are investigating the tenant.

A loud bang on Thursday morning alarmed residents of the street Küferring in Meckenheim. In an apartment on the ground floor of a building, a window pane had burst at 11 o'clock. According to Günter Wiegershaus, head of the volunteer fire brigade, an explosion or deflagration apparently occurred.

This was confirmed by the Bonn police this afternoon. According to spokesman Robert Scholten, police are investigating the 55-year-old tenant of the ground floor apartment. Traces indicate that an explosion could have been deliberately caused. According to Scholten, gas bottles were seized in the apartment.

There had been no fire after the explosion. According to Wiegershaus, the fire brigade had also not detected any harmful substances. At first, the owner of the apartment building could not explain on site how the detonation could occur. Initially, a defect in a radiator was suspected to be the cause.

The 55-year-old tenant was found unhurt in direct proximity of the dwelling. According to GA information, he is now in a clinic. The investigations around him are ongoing. Nobody was injured in the explosion.

This is not the first time that an explosion has been caused in a residential building in Meckenheim. In February 2011, a terraced house on Adendorfer Strasse was badly damaged. A 57-year-old man died, his wife and 18-year-old son were seriously injured. During the investigation, the public prosecutor's office found that the man had manipulated the gas pipeline and caused the explosion.

(Original text: GA Bonn / Translation: Mareike Graepel)