Mentally ill prisoner: Police check tip-offs from Bonn about Otto Krüger

Mentally ill prisoner : Police check tip-offs from Bonn about Otto Krüger

Police are investigating several leads to the mentally ill prisoner Otto Krüger, who did not return from temporary release on Sunday. The 67-year-old, who was convicted of manslaughter, could be in the Bonn, Bornheim or Troisdorf area.

The mentally ill prisoner Otto Krüger did not return on Sunday afternoon after getting permission to go out in Cologne. Police have therefore asked for information and warned that the 67-year-old Otto Krüger could be very aggressive under the influence of alcohol.

A spokesperson from Bonn told the GA on Tuesday morning that police have so far received several reports from Bonn and the region. Every single report will be checked immediately. However, it is also not unusual for the number of reports to increase as soon as there is a search through the media. So far, none of the reports has led to the arrest of the prisoner. This was confirmed by the Cologne police responsible for the case to the GA on Tuesday.

Otto Krüger has been missing since Sunday at 1.45pm. He did not return from temporary release. He has cash with him, is dependent on medication and has used public transport in the past. He mostly stayed in the Bonn, Bornheim or Troisdorf area.

The man being sought is described as follows:

  • 1.73 metres tall
  • strong-stocky build
  • balding with short grey hair
  • brown eyes
  • green anorak
  • blue jeans
  • blue and white shirt
  • black and white trainers

Police are urgently warning against trying to talk to or detain the 67-year-old. The 67-year-old also failed to return from temporary release in 2014. Police caught him at the start of January 2015 in Quantiusstraße in Bonn.

Otto Krüger comes from Bonn. In 1998, he kicked his 78-year-old neighbour to death while under the influence of alcohol in Bad Godesberg. As early as 2014, the question was raised by the Bonn judiciary why the man, who was considered mentally ill and aggressive, had been granted temporary release at all.

Anyone with information on his whereabouts should contact Cologne police on 0221/229-0 or by email at

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