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Exhibitionist in Tannenbusch: Police believe it is not a serial offender

Exhibitionist in Tannenbusch : Police believe it is not a serial offender

Police do not see evidence of a serial exhibitionist in Bonn. Several cases have been reported this year, including one this week in Tannenbusch, but they do not seem to be related.

In the case of the exhibitionist who exposed himself to four children in Tannenbusch, police in Bonn do not see any connection to previous incidents at this time. GA had previously reported that four children aged four to eight-years-old, had been playing on Görlitzer Straße near a kindergarten on Monday, when a young man clad in dark clothing exposed himself at a fence.

Already in January, there were several reports in Tannenbusch that a man had exposed himself. In March and May, similar cases occurred in Ückesdorf and Medinghoven, in which a man bared his genitals to children. “So far we have no concrete indication that it is the same person committing the offense,” said police spokesman Frank Piontek. Investigators compare the individual cases. Anyone who encounters an exhibitionist should move on quickly and inform the police immediately.

At the end of May, a young man exposed his genitals to a ten-year-old in Ückesdorf. The young girl was on her scooter on her way to school on the street Herzogsfreudenweg. The man emerged from a bush and exposed himself to the girl, who kept right on going, and told her parents what had happened.

At the beginning of March, three boys were on a soccer field on Stresemannstraße in Medinghoven when a man suddenly stepped out from behind a tree and exposed his genitals. The boys ran immediately to the clubhouse and informed the supervisors.

Anyone who has information or tips to share with police can contact them at: (0228) 1 50.

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