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Illegal hunting: Poacher kills deer on the Venusberg in Bonn

Illegal hunting : Poacher kills deer on the Venusberg in Bonn

An unknown person killed a young deer on the Venusberg in Bonn. Walkers found the animal at the entrance to the Waldau. The district tenant has now filed a complaint.

In Reiner Wolter's territory on the Venusberg a poacher has apparently been around. The hunting tenant, a master gunsmith from Dransdorf, explained to the GA that a walker had found the female deer on the Hague Trail on the access road to the Waldau on Corpus Christi and had informed the municipal security service. Markus Schmitz from the Bonn press office confirmed the case on request.

"Probably he was surprised and left it behind“

According to Wolter, the deer had been shot clean, broken open and gutted as by a hunter. And that during the closed season. The man from Dransdorf, who has been hunting 330 hectares of forest and meadows together with others for about ten years, has no other explanation for the incident than poaching. Accordingly, he reported the incident to the police: "A wounded deer could have escaped to my hunting ground, but certainly not like that". As the animal had lain, Wolter assumes that the poacher shouldered it. "Probably he was surprised and just dumped it."

Probably the illegal hunt happened in the night of the holiday, thus the 20. June, said Wolter. One of his fellow hunters in the hunting ground had been nearby, but had not heard a shot. Now the gunsmith hopes for hints from the population. The young deer was found before the first branch to the access road at the bollards near the residential buildings.

Police have no leads

The police have taken up Wolter's complaint, but so far, according to authority spokesman Frank Piontek, there are no leads as to who the perpetrator could have been. This year it is the second case in which the safety authority responsible for the area left of the Rhine and the Siebengebirg cities Bad Honnef and Königswinter also has had to investigate poaching.

The chairman of the Bonn hunters' association, Lutz Schorn, is astonished that "in the middle of the city" a poacher appeared. "That is already a special quality, which I would not have considered possible. Illegal hunting would take place - if at all - more likely in the sparsely populated communities of the surrounding area. From time to time in the past it had happened that ignorance had led to poaching, for example when immigrants were of the opinion that they were allowed to hunt without a hunting and territory licence because it was permitted in their homeland.“

Schorn, whose hunting ground is in Lengsdorf, explained that the hunting ground system applied in Germany. There are few self-hunting districts which are only leased by one hunter. More frequently, however, the common hunting districts can be found where hunters lease land from several owners through a hunting cooperative.

According to the city, hunting is permitted on all areas outside peaceful districts, such as residential areas, parks, sports facilities and cemeteries, "according to the regulations of the Federal and State Hunting Law". Poaching violates section 292 of the Penal Code. Anyone who violates state hunting laws, for example stalking the game, catching or killing it, can be punished with a fine or imprisonment for up to three years, depending on the case.

(Original text: Philipp Königs, Jutta Specht, Translation: Mareike Graepel)