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SSG Königswinter fun run: “Petit Medoc” in Oberdollendorf

SSG Königswinter fun run : “Petit Medoc” in Oberdollendorf

1200 people took part in the Petit Medoc fancy dress fun run through the vineyards of Oberdollendorf on Saturday with participants dressed as everything from bees to shower curtains and Gauls.

Asterix and Obelix were running around in Oberdollendorf and its vineyards at the weekend. Teacher Jürgen “Jojo”Nolte was at the start of the “Petit Medoc” race ,organised by SGG Königswinter, together with 18 of his pupils from the seventh class at Tannenbusch Gymnasium and 24 fathers and mothers. And the group promptly won the prize for the best costume. The winners rejoiced, as this run is not about fast times but about having fun. The jury was also thrilled with the “Shower curtain” group and awarded them the best costume prize alongside the Gauls.

As the school children finished their race, the adults ran their laps through the vineyards. Stands were not only handing out grape juice and water along the route – three wineries were also offering Siebengebirge wine. There was also honey wine at the beekeeper’s, cheese, baguette, honey bread and other small snacks at further stands. Many were happy to stop for a rest, to fortify themselves or to listen to live music.

A total of 1200 participants, including 950 adults, took part on Saturday. The children’s course was 1100 metres and the young children’s course 400 metres. The number of children taking part rose from 100 last year to 250 this year.

The adult run was booked out in a record time of 13 minutes on registration day. They had a choice between running a 3650 metre course or an eleven kilometre course. 260 starters chose the former. The course ran from the Sülz winery along the picturesque Mühlen valley, through the Oberdollendorfer Hardt, with a fabulous view down the Rhine valley and then down through the sunny vineyards. 720 participants ran this course three times in the longer race. The event was also enjoyed by the public, as more than 90 per cent of participants were in fancy dress.

“It is really good fun here,” said Ulrich Beckonert, who was dressed as a dying swan while his wife, Christiane, wore a husky costume. “You can really enjoy this run – super organisation, great atmosphere, great people and a lovely course.” Original text: Roswitha Oschmann. Translated by Kate Carey.