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Difficult to find parking: Parking garage renovations mean fewer parking spots in Bonn city

Difficult to find parking : Parking garage renovations mean fewer parking spots in Bonn city

Work on the Stadthaus parking garage in Bonn will be going on until the end of May, and repairs at the Oxfordstrasse car park will continue until the end of April. This will take away 160 more parking spaces from Bonn inner city.

The extensive renovation of the upper parking deck of the Stadthaus parking garage is expected to continue until the end of May. As a result, around 60 spaces are currently unavailable, explained Bonner City Parkraum GmbH (BCP) in response to a GA inquiry. Renovation work is also underway in the neighboring Oxford parking garage, leaving around 100 fewer parking spaces available.

Work has been carried out on the parking decks at the Stadthaus since March of 2018. Some parts have become so leaky that rainwater has found its way to sections of the city archive below. According to a BCP spokesperson, the noisy work can only take place after 3 p.m. because of a kindergarten on the premises. This had been discussed in advance with those who run the kindergarten.

Parking deck 1 of the Stadthaus parking garage belongs to the municipal utilities company SWB, which is responsible for the current renovations there. Parking deck 2 belongs to the City of Bonn and is available to employees of the administration during office hours. Work on the last construction phase there began in the middle of the month. The areas to the right of the main entrance are the first to be renovated and will be available for use again at the end of June 2018. Due to the current work, large areas of the parking lots have to be closed off time and again. Customers can continue to use the open spaces on parking deck 1 but the parking deck has been so full in the past days that motorists have had to wait in line for a long time.

A construction site has also been set up at the neighboring Oxford garage (an older part of the Friedensplatz garage) for a few days now. This parking garage is privately owned, but is also operated by the BCP. There, the fire protection doors are to be renewed during regular operating hours. According to the BCP, the work will take about four weeks.

Alternative parking facilities are available in the new part of the Friedensplatz parking garage, at Münsterplatz and at the Markt underground parking garage, which was completely renovated a few years ago. There are also parking spaces in the Beethoven garage on Theaterstrasse as well as in the Opera garage, Stifts garage and the Zurich-Versicherung multi-storey car park (Rabinstrasse). The former DB garage on Quantiusstrasse has also opened - now also under the direction of BCP.

About seven years ago the University parking garage at the Hofgarten was closed. The garage, which was opened in 1969, was so dilapidated that the construction and real estate company responsible (BLB) NRW could no longer guarantee the safety of the users. Renovations did not begin there until autumn of 2017. A few months ago the construction work was stopped again when workers came across parts of the old city wall of Bonn. According to Frank Buch of BLB, however, work has since resumed and the University garage is expected to be completed in spring of 2020.

(Orig. text: Lisa Inhoffen, Translation: Carol Kloeppel)