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Few parking spaces for car drivers: Parking garage construction costs 160 parking spaces in Bonn

Few parking spaces for car drivers : Parking garage construction costs 160 parking spaces in Bonn

The City Hall parking garage in Bonn will be renovated until the end of May and the garage on Oxfordstraße until the end of April. This will remove 160 parking spaces.

The extensive renovation of the upper parking level of the City Hall parking garage (Stadthausgarage) will continue until the end of May. When asked by the GA, Bonner City Parkraum GmbH (BCP) said that as a result there are currently around 60 fewer parking spaces. Renovation work is also underway in the neighbouring Oxfordgarage. There are currently around 100 fewer spaces available to car drivers there.

The joints in the car park decks are among those things being renovated at the City Hall, as they have become so leaky that rainwater has to some extent found its way through to the city archive room below. According to a BCP spokesperson, the noisy work beneath the office kindergarten will only take place after 3pm. This was discussed in advance with the person in charge of the kindergarten.

Long queues at entrance

The renovation works were commissioned by Stadtwerke Bonn (SWB) as owner of parking level 1 of the City Hall garage. Parking level 2 belongs to the city of Bonn and is available to administrative employees during office hours. Large areas of the parking lot have had to be closed time and again during the current works. Customers can continue to use the free spaces on parking level 1. However, the parking deck was time and again so full in recent days that car drivers had to wait for a long time at the entrance.

There has also been a construction site for several days now in the Oxfordgarage, the neighbouring, older part of the Friedensplatzgarage. This garage is privately owned but is also operated by the BCP. The fire protection doors are to be renewed during ongoing operations. According to the BCP, the construction time will be about four weeks.

Alternative parking facilities are available in the new part of the Friedensplatzgarage as well as in the Münsterplatz and Markt garage, which was completely renovated a few years ago. There are also parking spaces in the Beethoven garage at the Stadtwerke building on Theaterstraße as well as in the Opera garage, Stiftsgarage and the Zurich Insurance car park (Rabinstraße), which can also be used by the public. The former Deutsche Bahn garage on Quantiusstraße is also open – now also under the management of the BCP.

(Original text: Lisa Inhoffen. Translation: kc)