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Flames engulf apartment: One person killed in Pennenfeld apartment fire

Flames engulf apartment : One person killed in Pennenfeld apartment fire

One person was killed in an apartment fire on Thursday in Pennenfeld. Police found the body of the victim inside the apartment, which had been completely engulfed in flames when fire crews arrived.

One person died in an apartment fire on Maidenheadstraße in Pennenfeld on Thursday. Emergency responders found the man’s lifeless body in the apartment.

A neighbor across the street had alerted the fire department shortly before 12:30 pm and rescue units made their way to the Pennenfeld housing complex. "When we reached the scene of the fire, the apartment on the second floor was completely engulfed in flames", said Hans-Peter Halbach, the head of the fire department, describing the situation on site. Heavy smoke development meant the smoke permeated all the way to a nearby street. The remaining apartments in the building were evacuated. Numerous people, including many pupils from neighboring schools, witnessed the fire.

"At first, we had no information as to whether there were still people in the apartment," said Halbach. Then a fire squad equipped with breathing apparatus entered the apartment via the stairs, while another unit fought the fire from the turntable ladder. One person was found dead in the apartment shortly afterwards. According to GA information, the deceased was a 52-year-old man who lived in the apartment. Police say the cause of the death and fire remain unclear.

Firefighters were able to extinguish the fire and prevent flames from spreading to other apartments. They checked the neighboring apartments for smoke afterwards and found they were still inhabitable. Only the apartment where the fire broke out was uninhabitable. On the ground floor of the apartment building is the Pennenfeld neighborhood management office.

A total of 25 members from professional fire and rescue services were on the scene as well as volunteer firefighters from Lannesdorf and Mehlem. Police have taken over the investigation of the fire.

(Orig. text: Ayla Jacob, Axel Vogel / Translation: ck)