Bad Godesberg Kurpark: On thin ice

Bad Godesberg Kurpark : On thin ice

Thin ice at the Kurpark might be fit for Egyptian geese but the city warns people to stay off the ice at the Rheinaue lake. This weekend, temperatures are expected to climb and that thin ice will turn to water.

Lucky for those who aren’t tipping the scales too heavily these days. This means a little bit of icy fun can be had on location at the Kurpark in Bad Godesberg. It’s a bit different at the Rheinaue lake where people have been hanging out on the partly frozen body of water. The city warns against walking out onto the ice there.

Of course, if you are an Egyptian goose, it’s different. They have become more at home in this region now and experts say the harsh winter really can’t harm them. And if worse came to worst, they would be able to rescue themselves from the cold wet water. Still, the members of their fellow species in East Africa are probably feeling more at home in the swamps of the Savannah at this time of year.

This weekend, the time for frozen lakes and grounds will come to an end. Temperatures are expected to reach eight degrees Celsius with shining sun. Not even an Egyptian goose can complain about that. (Orig. text: es)