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Festive city: Nordmann fir tree goes up in front of town hall

Festive city : Nordmann fir tree goes up in front of town hall

The city has put up Christmas trees in the city districts. The large Nordmann fir tree in the Marktplatz was the last to go up.

It is getting Christmassy in Bonn’s city centre. The City Greenspace Department put up a Nordmann fir tree from the Netherlands in the Marktplatz on Thursday morning. The conifer, which is about 13 metres tall and weighs around 1.7 tonnes, was delivered on a low loader and positioned using a crane. It will be festively decorated for the start of the Christmas market today, Friday.

Trees have already been put up in Rochusplatz in Duisdorf, Moltkeplatz in Bad Godesberg and in front of the town hall in Beuel. They come from the Rösberger Forest in the Vorgebirge region. The City Greenspace Department had already put up a tree on Münsterplatz last week. Its branches had to be trimmed a bit on the church side because of the ongoing major renovations to the cathedral. This has not affected its stability.

Original text: Philipp Königs. Translation: kc