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GA English on Sunday: News in Brief from Bonn and the region

GA English on Sunday : News in Brief from Bonn and the region

Outdoor Cluedo will turn Bonn's city centre into a crime scene in February, hundreds queue to buy fireworks for New Year’s Eve at a factory outlet in Eitorf, the noise of rescue helicopters landing at the university hospital disturbs residents in Bonn and a traffic report concludes that the traffic concept for the federal district is insufficient - here is our news in brief on Sunday

Sunday, 29 December

Outdoor Cluedo will turn Bonn city centre into a crime scene

The English company “CluedUpp Games” organises outdoor events in which teams of participants solve murders. The games take place in over 400 locations worldwide and will come to Bonn on 22 February 2020 and turn the city centre into a crime scene. CluedUpp Games works along the lines of the classic board game “Cluedo”, in which three questions are solved: Who did it? Where did it happen? And with which weapon? CluedUpp wants to bring the detective game from the living room to the street and the whole city will be the game board for participants to move around, question witnesses, solve clues and identify suspects. The whole thing works via app and GPS. The locations of the virtual witnesses are marked on a digital city map. When the team reaches one of these points, they solve a puzzle in the app or answer a question about the location. Gradually, the story unfolds and in the end, the players put together all the information, alibis, observations and decide which suspect they think is guilty. The fastest team receives a trophy. You can also win prizes in other categories, such as for the best costume or the best team name. Wearing appropriate costumes is expressly desired. Participation costs 43 euros per team of up to six players aged 16 and over. Younger children may be taken along free of charge and do not count as team members. In advance, each group of players will receive a briefing by video and the starting point by e-mail. The starting time can be freely chosen by the team between 10 am and 1 pm. The duration of the game depends on many things, including the skill of the participants, but the average time is two hours and 20 minutes. To save mobile data, participants should download the CluedUpp app in advance via a WLAN connection. All texts of the game are written in English.

Tickets are available at www.cluedupp.com.

(Original text: Victoria Thiele / Translations, John Chandler)

Hundreds of people queue to buy fireworks at the factory outlet in Eitorf.

EITORF. Up to 1,000 people queued throughout the night from Friday until Saturday at the gates of the factory outlet company Weco to buy fireworks from 6 am on Saturday, when the factory opened. Some had driven several hundred kilometres, from all over North Rhine-Westphalia and even from Halle an der Saale to stock up with fireworks for New Year's Eve. On sale were 1,000 surprise packages costing between 30 and 50 euros, including packets of fireworks that had at least double the value of the sales price, according to Weco. Even the cold temperatures in the night to Saturday did not deter the waiting people, although fewer customers came than in previous years, when up to 2,500 people waited. Some lit campfires to keep warm during the night and Weco employees supplied warm drinks early on Saturday morning. One customer had to be treated for hypothermia. About 30 employees, plus a security service and staff from the municipal public order office as well as railway employees ensured that everything went as smoothly as possible.

(Original text: general-anzeiger-bonn.de / Translations, John Chandler)

The noise of rescue helicopters landing at Bonn university hospital disturbs residents

BONN. The new roof landing place at the University Hospital Bonn (UKB) is a blessing for severely injured patients for paramedics and patients, but is a curse for the residents on the Venusberg since June, when the new helipad on the roof of the emergency centre started operation. Previously, rescue helicopters flew to the site far away from residential buildings, but now the helipad is much closer. In view of the noise, the Citizens' Federation of Bonn has made a major inquiry into how many arrivals and departures there have been since the opening and information on flight corridors for the helicopters. The Citizens' Federation has also asked for a noise protection concept. According to the administration, 238 flight movements were recorded since June, six of them at night. The City rejects renegotiation of flight corridors, based on the noise report on which their approval was based, which complied with regulations, and does not affect the health of the residents. The new helipad offers advantages over the old one, because it reduces the transportation time from the helicopter to the treatment room of the Interdisciplinary Emergency Centre (INZ) and previously, two rescue vehicles with blue lights and sirens had to drive to the heliport on the meadow at each helicopter landing.

(Original text: Stefan Knopp / Translations, John Chandler)

A traffic report concludes that the traffic concept for the federal district is insufficient

BONN. A traffic report has concluded that the city is threatened with traffic chaos due to the expansion of the federal district. There will be considerably more car traffic if the Bundesviertel framework plan is implemented, unless alternative modes of transport such as public transport and cycling are significantly strengthened. The VSU office in Herzogenrath forecasts just under 60,000 more car journeys per day by 2030 if the framework plan is implemented. The VSU assumes that about 18,000 additional jobs (currently about 45,000) and about 10,000 new residents (currently about 4,300) will occur as a result of the planned restructuring, as well as potentially twelve high-rise buildings on the 500-hectare area between Kennedyallee and Zweiter Fährgasse.

The greatest increase in traffic is expected on the Südbrücke, the Bundesstraße 9, Reuterstraße, Hausdorffstraße and alternative routes in the districts of Kessenich, Dottendorf, Poppelsdorf, Südstadt and Bad Godesberg. The construction of a cable car between Ramersdorf and Venusberg and the Westbahn between the main station and the west of Bonn would bring improvements in local transport. Special bus lanes and more barrier-free stops would relieve the burden and expand pedestrian routes as well as consistent parking space management to encourage employees to switch from using cars.

The Park & Ride concept proposed by Cityförster with car parking facilities for 6,000 cars outside the city could absorb 13,000 of the 58,500 additional trips. Additional capacities in buses and trams, such as those planned for tram route 66 from 2023 onwards, could save 10,000 journeys, mobility concepts with short distances and shower cubicles at the workplace could relieve 6,000 journeys, the expansion to a bicycle network 15,000 journeys, and the construction of apartments would eliminate 3,000 journeys.

(Original text: Philipp Königs / Translations, John Chandler)