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GA English on Sunday: News in Brief from Bonn and the region

GA English on Sunday : News in Brief from Bonn and the region

A woman died in a house fire in Troisdorf on Saturday night, politicians vote for a Bad Godesberg bicycle parking garage, the future of the old post office in Endenich remains uncertain, not enough parking spaces cause difficulties in Bonn and two suspected culprits were questioned in relation to the swastika graffiti in Bad Godesberg – here’s our news in brief on Sunday.

Fire brigade called out to fire in Troisdorf: Woman burnt beyond recognition

TROISDORF. Due to a house fire, the fire brigade in Troisdorf was called out on Saturday evening around 7.30 pm. A 30-year-old woman was found dead in the burnt-out apartment. Peter Kern, the spokesperson for the Troisdorf fire brigade, told the GA that the woman was the occupant.

According to GA information, the brother of the deceased alerted the fire brigade after forcibly entering the sister's apartment, which was already on fire. Because of the ongoing fire-fighting work, the area around the blaze was closed off. The fire brigade asked the road users to avoid the Heidestraße and the adjacent Kölner Straße. Around 1.20 am the operation was finished. According to the Troisdorf fire brigade, a total of around 60 emergency staff were on site. The exact cause of the fire is still unclear.

Original text: Dierk Himstedt

Former Klangstation: Politicians vote for Bad Godesberg bicycle parking garage

BAD GODESBERG. The former sound station becomes a multi-storey car park for bicycles, both the district council and the city council decided unanimously. Also, a public toilet is to be developed now. In future, there will be a parking garage for bicycles in the station building with 192 parking spaces in automated operation as well as a service area with an associated workshop.

Although it was not initially planned beforehand, a public toilet will now also be included in the plans. At the request of the FDP, additional proposals from the third Bad Godesberg Model Conference will be included in the construction concept.

Original text: Judith Nikula

Branch still not opened: The future of the old post office in Endenich is uncertain

ENDENICH. A new post office was supposed to open last November in Alfred-Bucherer-Straße. But now it is again uncertain whether and when the post office will move into the premises. For months, many Endenichers have been puzzling over the question of why the rooms of the former Postbank branch on Alfred-Bucherer-Strasse are still empty. Originally, a Deutsche Post DHL branch was to open there last November with a private cooperation partner in order to further ensure customer service in Endenich.

In a press release issued last autumn, the Deutsche Post officially announced that the branch was due to open soon: "The new branch will replace the Postbank Finance Center service at the same location, which was closed at the end of October 17.“ Postbank's press office, as the previous tenant, merely stated upon request that negotiations were about to be concluded with the owner due to the termination of the tenancy agreement.

Original text: Lisa Inhoffen

Swastika on wall and paint on cars: Suspected sprayers in Bad Godesberg questioned

BAD GODESBERG. After vehicles of the Bonn public order office had been sprayed in Bad Godesberg on the night of March 12, police have now questioned two suspected sprayers. As the investigators announced on Friday, the two men are suspected of having smeared building facades, traffic signs and vehicles of the Bonn public order office with so-called "tags" in the Bad Godesberg city centre during the night to March 12 - especially along Kurfürstenallee and Am Kurpark.

Since a political motivation could not be ruled out - among other things they had sprayed swastikas - the state security investigated. These investigations led now to two local men, both aged 22. The police secured extensive evidence which substantiated the suspicion against the men. The officers are now also investigating whether the suspects can be linked to other cases in Bonn and the region. Illegal Graffiti Spraying can mean criminal charges as well as substantial civil consequences.

Original text: GA Bonn