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GA English on Sunday: News in Brief from Bonn and the region

GA English on Sunday : News in Brief from Bonn and the region

Find out where you can watch the World Cup final today with other fans -it’s more fun! And then there is the angry note from a resident concerned about illegal dumping of garden waste. Finally, a Chinese company has entered the rental bike market in NRW.

Where to watch the World Cup final

Croatia takes on France in the World Cup final, Sunday at 5pm. If you want to be a part of the excitement and watch the game with other fans, here’s where you can go:

1) Jersey swap at Namenlos

In this bar, there will be an exchange set up for swapping your jerseys. It all begins at 1pm. Alternatively, one can also spend some time drinking a coffee and playing board games until the game begins.

Where: Namenlos, Bornheimer Straße 20-22
When: Sunday, July 15, 1pm

2) Panini World Cup sticker swap at BLA

The action starts here at 3pm in this bar located directly next to Namenlos. Guests are invited to participate in a sticker swap - so whoever hasn’t filled up their World Cup Panini sticker book may get lucky here.

Where: Bornheimer Straße 20-22
When: Sunday, July 15, 3pm

3) Big screen with Rhine view at Kameha Grand

On the banks of the Rhine in Beuel, guests can watch the game on a big screen outdoors in the “WM Arena” while drinking fresh beer on tap. Admission is free with no minimum consumption required.

Where: Kameha Grand Hotel, Am Bonner Bogen 1, Bonn-Beuel
When: Sunday, July 15

4) World Cup final in cinema

Perhaps the most comfortable seats of all are to be found at the Kinopolis cinema in Bad Godesberg. Here, the public viewing is also free of charge with no minimum consumption. But guests are required to pick up their free tickets, maximum four tickets per person.

Where: Kinopolis Bonn-Bad Godesberg, Moltkestrasse 7-9
When, Sunday, July 15

(Orig. text: Sebastian Melz / Translation: ck)

Anger over garden waste tossed in nature reserve

Auf dem Heidgen in Ippendorf is one of the most preferred and expensive residential areas in Bonn, with one luxurious single-family home sitting next to the other, and uninterrupted views of the Hardtberg. Below this street, a small hiking trail leads to the Katzenlochbachtal, where garden waste has simply been tossed into nature. This led someone to put out a sign reading: “One of the richest streets in Bonn throws its garden waste in a nature reserve”, followed by an insult. Waste removal company Bonnorange told GA that they have not received complaints yet about this area, and that the trail is the responsibility of NRW state. But they would dispatch a city crew to the area to have a look at the situation since it was a case of dumped waste where it doesn’t belong. Whoever dumped the garden waste will know who the note was meant for... but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it was a homeowner in the area.

(Orig. text: Rolf Kleinfeld / Translation: ck)

More rental bikes in NRW

Chinese rental bike company Mobike entered the Düsseldorf market two months ago and has now expanded to Cologne, bringing more competition for the existing bike rental firms. It started out in Berlin in 2017. Mobike plans to offer 500 bikes in the inner city of Cologne. Jimmy Cliff, head of the German operation, said they coordinate with the cities to ensure bike paths and pedestrian walkways don’t get clogged up with rental bikes and that they are not parked illegally. Part of their strategy is to put the bikes only where they are needed.

In Düsseldorf, they began with 600 bicycles and increased the number slightly because of demand. Mobike is the third firm to offer rental bikes in Cologne and Düsseldorf. It has sharpened competition with existing firms Nextbike and the German Rail subsidiary Connect. Nextbike offers 1,500 bike rentals and German Rail says Connect has 2,000 rental bikes in Cologne and 1,200 in Düsseldorf.

(Orig. text: dpa / Translation: ck)