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GA-English on Sunday: News briefs from Bonn and the region

GA-English on Sunday : News briefs from Bonn and the region

Some train cancellations between Cologne and Bonn will continue at the start of the week. Many visited the first Tattoo Convention in Bonn, and a club in NRW had to be evacuated due to high carbon monoxide levels. We also note the 30-year anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall in this week’s news briefs.

Trains cancelled between Cologne and Bonn

Because of construction work, train lines RB 48, RB 46, RB 26 and RE 5 have been experiencing some disruptions. The RB 48 line between Brühl and Bonn-Mehlem was scheduled to be completely closed on November 2 and 3, with partial closures on November 4 and 5, Monday and Tuesday. “National Express” announced the closures, but a bus service was planned as a replacement, designated with signs at the bus stops.

In addition, the RE 5 (RRX) in Brühl and Bonn Central Station and the RB 26 (MRB) between Cologne Messe/Deutz and Roisdorf were cancelled. The changed timetables with the cancellation notices are displayed on the platforms. For the RE 5 passengers, there is a bus service running between Brühl and Roisdorf.

Mittelrhein-Bahn is providing a bus service between Cologne Central Station and Bonn Central Station in lieu of the cancelled train service.

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First Tattoo Convention in Bonn

Tattoo artists were at work at the first ever Tattoo Convention in Bonn. Foto: Benjamin Westhoff

It was the first time ever for the Tattoo Convention “Tattoo Tattoo” hosted by the BaseCamp Bonn. On Saturday and Sunday, 26 tattoo artists from all over the world showed off their works, tucked in between the colorful campers which make up the BaseCamp. Among them, according to the organizers, was one of the "real scene stars" the Peruvian Juan Castillio. Tattoo artists also came from Hungary, Holland, Berlin and Hamburg. Two local Bonn studios were also there, both Jimmy Davila and the Beuel Skinfactory. Only those aged 16 or over were allowed to visit the convention, unless accompanied by a parent. To get an actual tattoo, one had to be at least 18 years of age and present an ID. Visitors were encouraged to try out an air-brush tattoo before receiving a permanent one.

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30 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall

Outside of the region but noteworthy is the start of a festival week in Berlin commemorating the fall of the Berlin Wall 30 years ago. On November 4, 1989, hundreds of thousands of East Germans demonstrated for freedom of expression and democracy. A few days before the fall of the Berlin Wall, it was the largest mass demonstration in the history of former East Germany. There will be a revival of the historic day on Monday evening with a major performance at the original location.

30 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Foto: dpa/Wolfgang Kumm

Under the theme "7 Days - 7 Places", there will be readings, exhibitions, talks with people who witnessed the historic event, information pavilions, and films planned at the original places where the peaceful revolution took place in Berlin until 9 November, as Kulturprojekte GmbH announced. The highlight will be a major show at the Brandenburg Gate on the evening of November 9.

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Carbon monoxide: 300 people brought to safety from club in NRW

According to the fire department, one person was not responsive when they arrived. A measuring device they had brought along alerted them to the high levels of carbon monoxide. Approximately 300 guests of the Hattinger Swinger Club were taken out of the club to safety, with around 160 emergency personnel on the scene.

Many of the party guests were taken to public buses, where they were examined by emergency doctors and paramedics. Eight other guests as well as a member of the rescue service complained about feeling unwell and had to be medically treated.

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